5 Decorating Tips For An Attic Bedroom Sanctuary

Converting an attic into a great looking bedroom is a useful project, but it’s something that will take time and a lot of effort. If you want to forge the attic into a perfect sanctuary of your own, you’ll need to be properly prepared for it.

There are many ways you can handle this, but decor will need to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The following tips and guidelines will provide you with more information on the subject and ways to make it happen.

Use A Skylight

Making Use of A Ceiling Skylight

The attic is the perfect location for a skylight. Although it doesn’t strictly fall under the category of decorations, it’s a very practical project that will add to the appeal of your home. It will allow you to enjoy the great-looking night sky and cloud-gazing during the day right from the comfort of your new room. This will also save on electricity during the day as light will stream into your room and you won’t have to light up the place. There are many innovative options out there you can make use of during your projects.

Avoiding Overcrowding & Using Furniture the Smart Way

Typical attic spaces are fairly small areas that tend to be cramped. Focus on keeping furniture to small numbers and arrange it in ways to avoid overcrowding. The fewer items you have around the room, the more freedom of movement you’ll enjoy inside. The last thing you want is to weave through furniture every time you need to pick something up from the other end of the room. From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, this will make your chores far easier to complete.

Place the bed in a comfortable location where you can get in and out of it unimpeded by any object or low ceiling clearance. Since not all attics will be the same, you’ll need to adapt according to the floor plan you have to work with inside your home. Try to keep things practical at all times and you’ll be able to handle the project without a negative outcome.

Use Color In Your Attic

Picking Colors for the Room

When you need to decorate the space you already have, repainting will often be a necessary step in the process of working on it. Stick to two complementing colors as you move on with the project. Brighter colors will open up tighter locations, rather than using darker colors that don’t reflect light well. Try painting the ceiling with different colors from you walls. You can also go with a more neutral, but still light solution like pure white, painting everything the same color. This will brighten the room and you can still choose other colors for your accessories and décor as well.

Sloped Ceilings In Bedroom

Using Sloped Ceilings Properly

A sloped ceiling in an attic bedroom can be a challenging experience to deal with. The space created by such a ceiling however means you’ll have a chance to make use of a window space for a nice and cozy window seat. You could also place a desk there for writing or reading purposes, especially since it will allow you to clean it easier.

Making Use of Smarter Storage Solutions

If you want a good amount of storage, then you’ll need to consider ways you can improve your already small attic bedroom space. The space of the sloped ceiling is great way of storing everything. Otherwise, you should try to find locations around the attic that would work well for storage purposes. The last thing you need is something that takes up way too much storage space.

Attic Bedroom Guestroom


Remodeling the attic and turning it into a bedroom can be a great asset to your home, but it will take some skill and vision to pull off. Once the job is done, you’ll have a chance to make use of a number of new additions to your home. Having a nice and quiet place to retreat to is a great way of enjoying your home.

You may need professional help during this remodel, so consider calling pros for complex tasks. You’ll need to take care of house cleaning as well at the end of the day, so call a pro after your renovation is complete.